What is Ethical Fashion? Why Ethical Fashion?

What is ethical fashion? Why is it so important, and why do we only hear about it now? Ethical fashion means: that it is made using fair-paid and well-treated adult workers, sustainable fabrics and materials

What is ethical fashion? Why is it so important, and why do we only hear about it now? To answer these questions, we need to understand what is wrong with today’s clothing production. To make a profit, most clothing you see in stores today was produced in unethical ways using child labor and sweatshop. Non-organic cotton, also known as natural, is used by manufacturers to make clothing. Polyester, which is a petroleum byproduct, is another example. Conventional dying methods release chemicals such as chlorine and chromium into the environment, which poses a risk to farmers, assemblers, and users (7 of the top 15 pesticides that are used on US cotton crops are “possible” to humans carcinogens). It has been long since evident that ethical production methods in the clothing industry are essential. This makes the market ready for positive changes. Consumers are demanding better.

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What is ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion means: that it is made using fair-paid and well-treated adult workers, sustainable fabrics and materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled materials, low-impact fiber reactive dyes or vegetable dyes, and respects the environment/or products for the farmer, the assembler, and the wearer.

Why ethical fashion?

Each of us is responsible for the impact our lifestyles have on the environment. It is easy to make big changes by changing your buying habits to use products with low environmental impact. Businesses that have not yet voluntarily cleaned up their act can be put under positive pressure by choosing to stop buying their products and helping to grow those businesses.

Why not now?

It is fantastic to see the wide range of ethical fashion designs, sizes, colors, and cuts that are now available. The ethical fashion industry is no longer viewed as a cousin of the burlap bag. Instead, it is design-oriented. Designers who have hearts create beautiful, elegant, modern, creative, imaginative, and flattering pieces. Ethics will not be compromised, and thankfully so will the appearance and feel of their work. It is possible to reduce our carbon footprint without making sacrifices.

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Public awareness is one of the key drivers of the ethical fashion boom. Public awareness of the fact that sweatshop labor is used in the vast majority of production cannot be ignored thanks to the exposes to large-scale manufacturers. Both the power and effectiveness of boycotting have been proven, as well as the power to vote with our dollars for good practice. Accessible work such as “An Inconvenient Truth” has made it possible for laypeople to no longer feel guilty about their environment by denying the existence of climate change. Alternative medical practitioners who treat the cause of illness instead of just the symptom are helping us to see that it is possible to build our health by consuming and surrounding ourselves with healthy things.

The quantity-without-quality mentality is becoming increasingly unpopular with consumers. Designers with ethical views work in small quantities and produce exceptional quality products with exquisite fabrics. In increasing numbers, consumers recognize the value of their right to vote and use it to support the expansion of sustainable textile industries, small farmers, and farm cooperatives. All of us are looking for ways that we can reduce our environmental footprint, increase our social contribution and ease our consciences. We also want to continue to celebrate art in all its forms.

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